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Pew refurbishing and reupholstery is an affordable alternative to giving new life to existing church pews and/or furniture.


One of our sales staff will visit with you to determine the condition of your church pews and to see if any existing defects exist which could make it unwise to proceed with refinishing. All work requested will be detailed in a written contract to the church for approval. We will be happy to work with you on fabric selections and stain colors for your furniture.












Our trained personnel come to your church and remove your church pews and furniture to be refinished. Usually a church finds that this an excellent time to change floor coverings and paint while the room is empty. If your church can't let all of your church pews go at once, we can take out the church pews in sections. Usually, your church pews are only gone for approximately 3- 6 Sundays, depending on the size of the job. If your church has any special time requirements, make these known to your salesman and we will work with your schedule if possible. When the church pews are returned, our crew will realign and reattach to floor.


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Pew Refinishing Before and After


Browse our Before and After Gallery below to see what refinishing and

reupholstering your pew seating can do for your place of worship!

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