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Our baptistries come with single or double entries
and can be ordered with or without a window.
Heating systems are available; as well as, factory installed heating systems.
  1. Choose the model of your baptistry.
  2. Choose your interior finish color options.
  3. Choose accessories.


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Roll over pictures to see interior finish color options.


Customize your baptistry with our available accessories.
Hydroquip Baptistry Heater

HYDROQUIP Baptistry Heater

and Control System 

Hydroquip Baptistry Heater
Hydroquip Baptistry Heater

HYDROQUIP Product Features

1. GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTER – This device is required for portable tubs as specified in the national electrical code article 680. The GFCI is designed to protect against potential electrical shock hazard should a ground fault occur.
2. THERMOSTAT - The thermostat regulates the water temperature of your tub.
3. HIGH LIMIT - A safety switch that will shut the heater off if the temperature within the heater reaches a non-adjustable limit. Push to reset
4. POWER AIR SWITCH – Turns the system on and off
5. PUMP RECEPTACLE – Connect pump here.
6. HEATER ASSEMBLY - Thermostatically controlled and equipped with a high-limit safety shut off.
7. PLUMBING HEADER ASSEMBLY – Connects the pump to the heater
8. PUMP ASSEMBLY – Pumps water to and from the baptistery
9. BASE – ABS base for mounting equipment

Factory Installed Baptistry Heater
Over the Side Baptistry Heater
Combo Seat and Child Step Baptistry
Acrylic Windows for Baptistry
Hand Rail for Baptistry
Drain and Overflow for Baptistry
Drip Landing for Baptistry

Factory Plumbed Heater

Over the Side Heater


120  or 240 volt heater.

Electric immersion water heater. Immersion section of unit made of incoloy stainless steel. All heat is confined to the formed horizontal section for optimum heat efficiency. 3-conductor cord set with polarized plug included for easy installation and wiring at no extra charge. 

Includes pilot light and on/off switch. Indicates desired temperature when reached and breaks circuit when element is not in use.

Completely automatic and portable - just plug in 42" power cord and operate.

Combination Seat/Child's Step

Places a child at proper height. Nonskid surface. Seat permits baptism of large adults from seated position. 
Complete with toe hold and easily removable when not desired.

Acrylic Windows

One half inch acrylic windows in heavy molded frame and silicone rubber seal.

Hand Rail

For easier and safer entry and exit to your baptistry, use our Stainless Steel hand rail system. Mounting directly to the landing floor, the baptistry hand rail provides a safe and secure support to the candidate.

Drain & Overflow System

A sturdy, economical drain unit with chrome plated fittings and an easy-access trip lever located in the overflow.  Just flip the lever to drain. For 1 1/2 " connections.

Drip Landing

Designed to mount at ends of baptismal pool steps for drainage. Sloped skid resistant floor in matching color.

40" square.

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