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Tapered Wall Crosses

Tapered Wall Crosses

By day, the cross of your choice shows the sheen of a pearl white finish or a softly gleaming metallic one. Our finishes are permanently applied by a patented process and are not subject to weather or extremes of climate.
By night, if you choose to order backlighting, your cross appears in silhouette against an aura of light. We recommend backlighting for both exterior and interior wall-mounted crosses. On the basis of reports from congregations who have made this choice, the esthetic value of the soft glow from the cross indoors at services is equal to the nighttime beauty of their outdoor cross, casting its shadow in light.
The Contemporary Tapered cross shown here is available in sizes from 4 feet to 18 feet in height.  If you need a height not listed online, PLEASE CONTACT US!
All of our crosses come with mounting brackets.
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